Since hearing of the opening of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment to the public, I’d had the idea that I’d like to go and take a look. I love a formerly industrial setting being given a new lease of life. When chatting with a friend a month or so ago it turned out that she fancied a look around as well, so that’s what we did.

We chose to approach from the Thames Path and so our first sight was the park area in the space between the Thames and the Power Station. Quite an impressive start to our visit.

We soon spotted that there were some bits of former machinery painted in a striking blue colour with informational plaques dotted around the area too.

Inside it is a leisure and retail centre - shops, restaurants, a cinema - and that kind of a place wouldn’t normally draw me. I was surprised by how peaceful and calm it felt despite there being shops all over the place. Maybe that was because it was a Friday during term time. Maybe it was because it hadn’t found its audience yet. Maybe it’s because the space is so big that it just feels light and airy anyway. Whatever it was, I enjoyed being in there.

I particularly enjoyed finding some of the areas where the redevelopment tips its hat to the previous use of the site.

We didn’t do the lift 109 experience, partially because of the length of the queue, and partially because of the walk-up price being north of £23 which is money I could put to better use (which ended up being things for Breezy from the Battersea Dogs and Cats home shop)