So, having had a few days to think about, here are my thoughts about barcamp Brighton.

Having it the weekend after dConstruct was good because lots of people were already down in Brighton for dConstruct, and so people who might not have normally made the effort to get down to Brighton came along and everyone benefited. It probably added to the attractiveness of the proposition on this occasion. It also meant that people were already in a "learning" mode.

Having it the weekend after dConstruct was bad because lots of people (including me) were hungover after the after party and so some of them turned up pretty late on Saturday (I'm talking after lunch here). Also, some people only seemed to attend on Saturday as my impressions were that there were quite a few less people around on Sunday. I guess this is due to people having long distances to travel and so is understandable BUT means that people who would have been prepared to stay around all weekend potentially missed out (the tickets sold out in 21 minutes after all).

Overall, and after the success (and possibly due to the success) of this barcamp I don't think that the next barcamp Brighton needs to follow dConstruct to be a success - it may be a different crowd, but I have no doubts it would still be a rewarding experience and would have plenty of willing participants.