This evening I attended my first Async event at the Skiff (my first visit to the new Skiff too).

I'm not a proficient javascript developer by any means, but it remains one of the areas that I'd always like to know more about.  These events seem like a good opportunity to learn from the amassed javascript brains of Brighton.

This evening's event was also interesting as it was an introduction to PhoneGap by Mark Kirby

From his blog post:

What is PhoneGap?

  • PhoneGap lets you easily package apps for a range of devices and distribute them on app stores using HTML, CSS and JS
  • You can still publish apps using HTML, CSS and JS for any of the platforms without PhoneGap, it just saves you time
  • PhoneGap provides you with JavaScript APIs which talk to device APIs including geolocation, contacts, notifications, accelerometer and more

Mark has very kindly produced a lovely blog post listing the URLs, demos and other things he referred to during the talk, meaning that for possibly the first talk in a long time, I needed to make no notes in order to benefit.

Async seem to be a welcoming group, and I hope to join them again soon.