The Secret To A Lifetime Of Productivity - And Five Ways To Find It via

Simple steps to be more productive. After looking again at the "Eat that frog" process the other day I've added a daily prioritisation step to my method. This idea of a Top 5 fits in to that well giving a starting point of how many higher priority items are on my list. Another thing I really need to get better at is focussing or stopping trying to multitask so much - a year or so ago I used to turn off email, close down my chat client and focus. When writing documents, I still reduce distraction using tools like ommwriter or writeroom and this has worked well for producing some of the NVQ evidence. When coding I find it much harder as I almost always have to have a browser open to test what I'm working on and it is then I am just one small step from distraction. Anyone got any tips?

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