'We worked really hard to create an iconic design that really conveys the idea that this is "camera 3.0",' he says: 'We really wanted, in the industrial design, for form to follow function.' And, while we've not used it enough to say how functional its form is, the result is a device that, unlike many cameras, doesn't have any film-era roots to its design.


'It's very easy to get caught up in the specs of a device, but cameras are devices for taking pictures and sharing stories. We want to make the picture that is most meaningful. If people are sharing their images on Facebook, they're not using all those megapixels.'

I found myself nodding along to a lot of this article, and I'm interested to see where this goes. Like I said last time I posted about this camera earlier it's pleasant to see someone going back to basics and not being tied to a design that was influenced by earlier technology