Dog toy made of leftover yarn

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before. Yesterday I was having a bit of a yarn clear out. My stash was getting out of hand and so I had a sort out. I threw out anything that had either lost its label or was no longer identifiable. And anything which had only a small amount left. I got as far as putting these into the bin before I considered the “dog toy” possibility.

Skitters has been playing with the one I made the other day, so it is worth the effort. And this time, I used it to experiment with colours a bit as well. So it’s worth it from a learning perspective too. Double win.

Close up on tuggy bit

I just cut all the yarn into full arm extension lengths. Note to self: next time, use the warping board! I then grouped them by colours. So I put the lime, blue and white together - a colour combination that I like and has future potential. The olive and black together. And the grey and silver together. And then plaited all the threads in these groups. Then I knotted all three together and then plaited the plaits together. Finally I knotted one end three times to give a bit of a tug toy feel to it.

Skitters hasn’t interacted with it yet, but I’m sure she will. A good use of left over yarns.