Hastings Contemporary is a gallery I’ve never been to. As we are “between dogs” at the moment, it seems like a good time to visit galleries and see exhibitions. So today was the turn of Hastings.

The gallery is another lovely modern space. It was hosting three exhibitions. One featuring work by Carach Thuring, one featuring artists with a significance to the first 10 years of the gallery, and one with pencil work by Penny McCarthy inspired by a 2016 newspaper image of a Fata Morgana. The pencil work was astounding. The stars, and seascapes particularly were impressive. Detailed yet smooth. Indescribable really.

While having a coffee and snack in the gallery cafe, we fired up Atlas Obscura to see what else was in the area we should look at. So went off to look at the Net shops mentioned, and the shipwreck museum (surprisingly fascinating). We took a look at both of those, and the fisherman’s museum positioned between the two.

I’m currently reading Dark, Salt, Clear: Life in a Cornish Fishing Town so many of the exhibits and photos all seemed more relevant and relatable to than might usually have been the case. The book also mentions a Fata Morgana as well. So all very timely.