This blog post is part of the Ada Lovelace day celebrations. Quite some time ago I signed the pledge to blog about a woman in technology on 24th March 2009, so here it is.

I had a long, hard think about who to blog about, and wanted to choose someone who was more than just a name to me, someone who was doing something to encourage women into technology and wasn't a technologist who was also a woman - if that makes sense (for the record I think that sums me up too) and preferably someone I had at least met.

So, I decided to choose Sarah Blow, a software engineer and a person who actively encourages groups of women to get together on a regular basis by organising Girl Geek dinners. She started off organising the London Girl Geek Dinners in April 2005, and soon after got involved with the "franchising" of them to different towns and even countries, attending at least one of my local Brighton Girl Geek Dinners. I have benefitted from this by attending Brighton Girl Geek Dinners, but also the occasional London one too and have found them to be friendly, high-quality events.

Sarah has done us all a service by providing a safe environment for women in the technology industries to get together without the usual distractions, and has consequently encouraged women to get more involved in mainstream events by giving them confidence. Thanks Sarah!

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