Last Sunday I headed off to The Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace with a friend and her Mum. They have both been on several occasions before. I hadn’t so they looked after me, inspired me and encouraged me (perhaps a bit too much at times!). I am lucky!

Total haul

I came away with a moderately sized bag full of stuff. One lovely huge ball of Chunky yarn to use as a border for Mum’s blanket. A 7mm crochet hook (my current largest is 6mm). And then some fabric. Quite a bit of fabric. I have ideas for some of it, others, not so much, but I’m looking forward to continuing to be brave and doing more of the sewing thing.

Fabric haul

That said, if there are never any photos of things made with the fabrics on my flickr stream or written about here then I think we can safely assume it didn’t go well!