I bought a new notebook for dConstruct 07, and tonight's VBUG finished it off. Over the past year, I've filled it with notes from dConstruct, BarCamp Brighton, SQLBits, VBUG Brighton (several of), DDD6, Girl Geek dinner talks, SQL Server User group (2 of), Geekyoto, Skillswap, Skills Matter and Grow your wiki.

When I flick through it I see different note taking styles, some where I reported bullet points from slides, some where I've drawn pictures, some where I've included code samples and areas that I think I could use this new tool/skill/technology and some where I've quite clearly lost the plot. As is evident from the links above, I've been pretty diligent in writing up reflections and links from these events, which means that the book is probably just going to sit on a shelf and gather dust.

Tomorrow I'm going to christen a new notebook at ReMix08 - I wonder what I'll reflect back on when that is finished.