2nd waffle cowl

The cowl I made last November has seen pretty much constant service as part of my dog walking gear all over winter. It even got to visit Finland in December as we tried, and failed, to see the Northern Lights. The winter hat that I’ve been wearing is a pink/purple number that I bought in Finland and that is much too warm for spring. My usual spring/autumn hat is a mixture of green colours (photo below), so, I figured that I’d make another cowl to match. After failing to find any appropriately coloured yarn at the Creative stitches and hobbycraft show I scoured the internet and found what looked like a good match in the old-faithful James C Brett Marble range - although in DK this time. This is slightly different to the Chunky Marble range in that there seems to be a constant colour as one of the threads, and then a variegated thread as the other as opposed to the chunky were there are 2 variegated threads. So my cowl has a constant yellow/lime green thread and then something that goes from grey to green via beige.

I’ve basically followed the same made-up design I came up with last time (only using 113 stitches per round and 29 rounds of waffle stitch — the DK obviously works up smaller), as there is nothing I wanted to change about it. I have to say I find this really easy to crochet, and really quick to work up. I’m not sure if this is because it’s a quick stitch, or because I find the waffle bit so magical that I enjoy it more than other stitches. The fact that something so textured can be made out of a single piece of thread still feels like magic to me.

2nd waffle cowl with the beanie it was made to match

Currently this feels even chunkier than the purple one (which used chunky yarn as opposed to DK) but I think the other one has softened with use, so I suspect this will do too. Looking outside right now, the sun is shining and I can hear the birds cheeping, so I’m hoping, despite having spent a week or so making it, that it gets most use in early autumn and only a few early morning dog walk outings over the next few weeks before summer arrives. Wishful thinking much?