I knew today was going to be a busy day - we have an appointment at 2 pm and another at 7 pm. My usual Thursday run is at lunchtime but I’ve taken some of the afternoon off for this appointment and am starting work early to make up the rest of the hours. So an early morning run it had to be.

I loved it. A different experience. I was very easy on myself as I’d only been out of bed for half an hour when I left the house. The sun rose while I was out, and the light levels got steadily better from dark to almost light. Because it was dark when I left the house, I left my headphones at home. So I listened to the ambient sounds of Brighton waking up. Birds cheeping, seagulls squawking, other runners, and of course, traffic which built up while I was out.

I noticed more as well: crocuses poking their heads up in Victoria Gardens, birds flying around in Pavilion Gardens, starlings leaving their overnight roost on the Palace Pier and flying around the West Pier before doing a low fly over the beach and off on their travels.

I’ve been reading an Alexander Technique book about running that my Alexander Technique teacher lent me. So I spent a little time consciously thinking about my form. One of the things I have been noticing about other runners is the sound their feet make as they land. Some land with a clump, others make barely a sound, and others sound like a shuffle. I used the opportunity to try and make my steps lighter and lighter. At least until my legs got tired.

A nice playful run.