how much should be put online for free? And when? But I don't think those are the right questions. It's not about content being free or not, it's about content existing or not. Can I point? No? Then it's kinda not really there. At least not in the way we now expect. Undeniably, it's certainly not doing the work it could be doing.

Primarily this is why I just cancelled my The Week subscription. There was a frustrating technical difficulty as well (since a recent upgrade it had stopped remembering where I'd got to and permanently told me there was a new issue), but I figured they'd sort that out in time.

The only way I had to share content was to email it. This meant emailing the entire article, and finding a way to highlight, or point at, the bit that was relevant to the person I was sending it to. I email links to articles to my friends a lot (sorry friends!), to point them at it, and share what I think about it, or just to show them something I think they'll like. I'm pointing here in this blog post, pointing at the bit of the article about pointing :-). This is something that is important to me.

So, despite having enjoyed the content, and arguably been a bit more informed about the world in general, I've given up my subscription of The Week due to the lack of pointability!