On 1st April 2007 I announced that I had accepted the offer of a Senior Software Developer job at Madgex.

Today I finish at Madgex. After almost 5 years. And 4 job titles (Senior Software Developer, Development team leader, Development Manager and finally Service Delivery Manager).

The highs have been really high, but the lows really low. Mostly it's been fun, and I'm sure I'll look back at my time here with fondness. I've certainly learnt a lot - management, leadership, product management, scrum master, data scraping technologies etc - and made the most of every opportunity that has presented itself, and there have been no shortage of them over the years.

But, this is the longest I've worked for any company, and I feel like I've taken my role(s) as far as I can. So, it's time to break away from the relative safety of the Madgex environment, and take some time to ponder the big "What next?" question.

My immediate plans are to take May as down time, catch up with family and friends, visit some exhibitions, and try out some of the ideas that are bouncing around my mind on some of the people who are on my "smart friends" list and see whether they can help shape them. 

Post May I'm not sure, I'm currently thinking of something relating to data - big or normal - as this is the area that I've been spending some non-work time exploring recently. But we'll see...