Last night was a busy night in Brighton, with an overlap between Flash Brighton - Jeremy Keith - Ajax : Flash Killer and £5 App Meet.


Richard and I managed to see some of Jeremy's presentation (which was excellent) before heading off to the £5 app to hear Tom Hume talk about the history of Future Platforms.

Jeremy presented on Ajax and how it relates to Flash, and effectively how there is space for both of them - Ajax is good for pages, flash is good for applications. We were shown a set of different sites and asked "Are they Ajax or not?" - Jeremy pointed to the ratings section on Amazon as a great Ajax example - small, discreet and works really well. Then we had to grab a cab and move on - any chance of seeing the rest of the slides sometime Jeremy?


Tom gave an excellent presentation about "The gritty reality of founding a software company", discussing the history of FP, the highs and lows, the lessons learnt - check for mobile coverage before renting an office when you're a mobile application provider - and of course the Pith!

Two excellent events, with excellent local speakers.