One of the book references in the Austin Kleon book Steal like an artist I read last year was for Ed Emberley Make a world. As a person who has always professed to have no drawing skills whatsoever, the reviews for this book sounded great and sucked me in.

For example, this one: >Bought for my children aged 6 and 8 , both enjoy drawing and crafting and within minutes had produced their own drawings of boats cars etc,I too found myself willing away time doodling no end of things ,surprising myself at the pleasure in being able to produce something that was instantly recognisable

So I ordered myself a copy. And it is truly excellent. Even I can put pen to paper and create small graphic representations. I’ve been using these mainly in my journal, to add some colour to my days but have also popped some illustrations into my work book and into conference notes. I’m never going to be making award winning art, but I can now, repeatedly, draw a dog that is identifiable as a dog

Small dog shown along side 0.4mm pen

and that has never happened before.