Rating: 5 out of 5

“General public perception is that Parkinson’s disease is pretty much a showstopper. It’s not necessarily. People with disabilities are often sidelined, even in our enlightened society, and disability can be a challenge, no doubt, but it need not be the end of the show. I hate the expression ‘you can still lead a useful life’. Why thank you, I hope I can still be of use to society. No, I can still lead a phenomenal life and intend to do so for a long time. Disability is a hindrance but with the right motivation it is not the end. Passion for my work and wildlife continues to fuel me and I do not plan on stopping.

With this attitude, instead of giving up photography, which had previously been a consideration, I decided to attack it, to raise my game as maybe I had to get things done quicker. So seven years on, despite physical deterioration, I’m still going. I am still pushing my photography into new areas. I did not want this book to be a collection of images that are ‘pretty good for someone with Parkinson’s’; rather, I wanted it to be a collection of stand-alone images that just happen to have been taken by a photographer with Parkinson’s disease. And as proof of what can be achieved, all of the images have been taken since my diagnosis. This book is not about what Parkinson’s has done to me; it is about what Parkinson’s has not done to me.”

This book is full of beautiful images grouped into sections each with a textual introduction about the subject matter.

David’s attitude is such an inspiration. As is his photography.

This is also the first Unbound published book I have seen in a library setting. Good to see Brighton and Hove library supporting Unbound.

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