Last night was the 4th £5 app evening and the first one concentrating on a hardware project.

Lincoln Smith did an interesting presentation on how a hardware project can be built for a relatively small financial outlay - although not compared to the more usual £5 apps which have been minimum finance but lots of time expenditure. It was really useful to hear the history behind the project - how it came about, and also where he hopes it will go.

After a quick break, with chance to eat more of the lovely ginger cake, it was on with the pitches.

The first was Ian doing a reverse pitch - he wants a skills board - so when he needs to find a designer, or a python developer he knows exactly where to go.

The second was Ben and Danny talking about artmeddler (a working title) which sounded like quite a cool concept - basically a web site enabling an artist to upload their artwork in several different formats - so from the sketch, through to the finished work. The original aim is to enable feedback on when a piece of artwork is finished, so preventing the artist from over working it.

Then onto a few quick plugs - one from Vicky mentioning the jobs we've got going at Madgex, one from Danny for the Geek Wine Thing and the last for the Open Coffee at the University on Thursday (and then regularly afterwards)