I had another excellent evening last night at the Brighton Girl Geek Dinner. This time, Niqui Merret spoke about usability and accessibility with Flash. I know very little about flash, and so found this a really interesting insight into ways that flash can be used for accessibility, a topic Niqui obviously is very knowledgable about. She had a set of example sites that illustrated various points, and I also had my first ever experience of a screen reader.

The food was excellent again, the Eagle certainly know how to put on a buffet. It is a great venue, and the atmosphere of this geek dinner was relaxed and friendly. As usual there were lots of interesting people to chat to, from all sorts of backgrounds .

The Girl Geek Dinners are excellent, and I hope that Rosie, Devi, Joh and Ribot (in no particular order) managed to enjoy the evening in between their excellent organisation.