For the past few weeks, different websites have been emailing me my 2019 review of how I’ve used their site. It always annoys me a little that they send these things through at the beginning of December when there are still three or four weeks of the year left. That aside, I bookmarked them all this year and have revisited them today to get a more accurate review of my year. I’ve also collected some of the stats that I find interesting in helping me achieve my goals.

Here’s my 2019.

I’ll start with my goal tracker. Simple goals. Like average hours of sleep, general activity, alcohol consumption, time away from technology, I have tracked every week on a piece of paper. I’m going to do this for 2020 as well as I’ve found it quite a motivating way to keep the good habits going and the bad ones at bay.
paper based goal tracker

I’ve also continued to write in notebooks every day. This year I’ve filled eight notebooks. They contain plans for the week or month ahead. Notes from the day. Notes from courses, articles, or talks. And recently, I’ve restarted my gratitude practice too.

I asked best nine to generate my top 9 photos on instagram. It was interesting to see that Skitters makes it in there in three different photos, including from when she was poorly, as I don’t tend to post many photos of her there.
2019 best nine

Having checked Fitbit, I’ve averaged just over 7 hours 15 minutes of sleep across the year - my goal is to average 7 hours as less than that, and I struggle to remain balanced. So it’s good to see that I’ve exceeded that.
Average sleep
And I’ve averaged over 14000 steps per day. I’m aiming for 12500 so again, good to see.

I’ve read a lot! Goodreads tells me that I read 74 books.
And Pocket tells me that I’ve read 1.3 million words. I’m still using p2k as a way of getting articles to my kindle every day and still tend to read them that way.

Spotify tells me that I spent 350 hours listening to music and that Ludovico Einaudi was the artist I listened to the most.

And that was my 2019. I’m expecting more of the same for next year — similar goals on my paper goal tracker. I intend to continue using a paper journal, to post photos to Instagram, to read (I have a towering pile of books next to my bed and am planning to join a book club), and to focus on sleep and activity levels. Because these all work for me, they help me to feel balanced. And that’s good for me.