Whilst at barcamp Brighton I spent some time talking to Paul and Phil from BT Osmosoft (who sponsored vast amounts of pizza and beer) and amongst other things they were reminding me about tiddlywiki, a single page wiki file. I made use of tiddlywiki within monkeyGTD for a while, but haven't revisited for some time.

Armed with a USB stick with sample tiddlywiki sites on I decided to give it a go for storing test cases for a project I'm working on at the moment. I set it up and got it running pretty quickly, although I decided to forgo the "If running on safari run these commands" instructions and work on firefox instead (anything for a quiet life!). I deemed this a success and took the wiki into work and set it up there, along with creating a project based one to store tasks and stuff. Of course, I'd missed the fact that this was a single user only wiki by design and so it wasn't long before Simon inadvertently overwrote my changes.

A few searches of google and various suggestions later I stumbled upon tiddlylock. This solution is nothing more complicated than a tiddler with code in it and tagged with systemConfig, but it seems to do the job nicely enough. Now if I make some changes to the wiki, and Simon attempts to make changes too, it tells him that I have it locked at the moment, so he can read it, but won't be able to edit. With some discipline from both of us, i.e. saving our changes immediately, this will become a workable solution which doesn't involve us having to find a server somewhere and install and maintain a full wiki solution.