On Thursday I popped along to The Sussex to attend my 2nd photo group meetup. Myself, and 2 other ladies from the Creative Digital Photography Course, have joined a long running group who all did the same course about 2 years ago.

Every month there is a theme, and you're encouraged to bring along 10 or so photos that match the theme. This month the theme was Triptych, a series of 3 photographs that worked together. I decided to use some of the photos from Lewes Bonfire and headed down to Boots to get them processed (we present them in print form which is really rather pleasant). I only managed one set of 3, but will try and do better another time. I also decided that I wanted to take the photos during the month and not ravage the archives.




As a three I'm quite happy with these as I'm not sure any one of them is strong enough to give a strong enough impression of the sheer madness, and amazingness of Lewes Bonfire. I'm not sure they manage it as a 3 to be honest. I was really pleased with the feedback I got, and I was delighted with the printed reproductions from Boots.

The second bit of preparation we'd done was to look through historic photographers to find a photographer we wanted to emulate for next month. I sat down and went through my Icons of Photography: The 20th Century book and came up with 4 photographers who's work gave me that feeling of wow! They were (in probably loosely chronological order):

I still haven't got beyond 1955 in my reading of the book, so I'm sure there will be some more to add to this list.

Other people suggested Sally Mann and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

So the themes for the next meetup are images in the style of Sally Mann, Henri Cartier-Bresson and a Christmas shot. I'd better get studying and take some more photos!