Yesterday I spent my lunch break at the Old Coop building, the same building that hosted the excellent Before I Sleep DreamThinkSleep experience during the Brighton festival. The Old Coop is host to both a set of official BPB exhibits but also a few Fringe exhibitions. The venue, with the exception of the foyer of the Post Office, is only open Friday to Sunday, 10am - 5pm which is why it couldn't form part of my Wednesday afternoon adventures.

The New Ways of Looking exhibition features 

new and recently produced images by an exciting new generation of photographers and rediscovered bodies of work from across the world including: Algeria, China, India, Mexico, The Netherlands, Senegal, South Africa and the USA.

The old Coop makes an excellent space for exhibitions, especially the ground floor space for the main exhibits.  Out of all the featured photographers, my favourites were Oscar Fernando Gomez and his Windows series, a set of photographs taken out of the window of his taxi and Dhruv Malhotra and his Sleepers series, featuring night photography of Delhi, India where each photograph contains at least one sleeping person, and where some of them need to be careful studied to find them.

I also took the opportunity to take a look at one of the Fringe exhibitions Nothing is in the Place which was interesting enough, but nothing compared to the photography in the main exhibition.  I'm planning on making a return trip next Friday lunchtime to visit some of the other exhibitions being held on the other floors.